My weekend clothing haul!

After unpacking all of my fall clothes I was a bit disappointed in my wardrobe. While there were a lot of articles, many sweaters were worn out and pilling, or had shrunk or just looked old and I needed a refresh.  So I went out with my husband to the mall just to see what was out there, and ended up with a whole new (mostly casual) wardrobe for under 200 dollars! JC Penney’s is one of my favorite anchor stores in the mall, they always have classic clothes and are very reasonably priced. Every piece I bought can be worn with another piece multiplying my wardrobe even more. (Hint: JCP will do in-store price adjustments within 14 days, so if something you bought went on sale, go get the difference refunded to you, I actually did that with the vests and fluffy sweaters)

Cableknit sweaters (comes in many colors and $15 every day!)|Ruffle neck blouse | Emerald windowpane blouse | Flannel button downs|Quilted Puffer Vest|Thermal/Fleece sweater|20171027_16560520171027_14322020171027_162602 (1)

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