Velvet Hair Bow DIY

When I first saw velvet hair bows were making a comeback I was so excited!  Besides the fact that I love bows and all things feminine, this brings me back to my childhood.  When I saw the price tag (16 dollars?!) for a single bow, I knew I could make one myself.  There are many versions of bows to make, but I decided to stick with a simple bow, this beauty took about 5 minutes to make.

IMG_7463Tools: good scissors, 7/8 inch velvet ribbon, hot glue and gun (or any long lasting adhesive), hair clip of choice (barrette, alligator clip,comb, etc.)


1. Cut the the ribbon to the length you want, I chose a petite bow so this was about 6 inches, always cut longer, you can always take off but you can’t put back on!

2. Fold in half to find center and create a crease.

3. Put a line of hot glue down the crease and fold one side over (it doesn’t really matter which side)

4. Repeat the process for the other side, it doesn’t have to be laid perfectly on top, but make sure the edges of the ribbon line up. *This is what it will look like after both ends are glued.

5. Wrap another length of ribbon around your bow and cut at correct length.

*Make sure it’s centered!

6. Add glue to the ends of the cut ribbon and secure to the bow.

I glued mine to an alligator clip, but you can use whatever method is best for you.  

Finished product!




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