Thirty~A Classic Christmas Home

I love Christmas, ask my family, it’s my most favorite time of the year.  Waiting to decorate each year was torture.  This year was no different, so as soon as I woke up Black Friday, we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations and started.  For the main tree in our great room, we used red, gold, bronze, and brown bulbs, in matte, shiny, and glitter and all sizes.  Target and At home had the best deals when we were out and about stocking up on them, and we got out 9 foot tree from At Home as well, and this was the easiest thing to set up.  No more searching for plug ends, all we did was connect the poles! The deer bust stocking holders were 10 dollars from Home Goods, and the plain ones were 2/10 at Target, all the stockings were from Target as well. If you have never thought of brown on your tree, give it a shot! It warms up your room and you will not regret it! We have a little truck I will have to update this post with pictures of that was from Home Goods as well, and it had pumpkins for fall, so we unbolted them and added our own tiny tree, now all we need is a “Columbia Inn in Pine Tree” sticker for the door!DSC_0430






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