Twenty~ Cold Weather Necessities

So I have been a lover of Frye boots since college and I can’t get enough of them. They last forever, their beautifully crafted, and the quality is beyond any other boot on the market. I have a few pairs of Frye boots, but the ones I’m wearing below are on sale! Woo Woo! My quilted Barbour coat is a must have for Winter, it is fleece lined and has a thermal layer to it that helps trap in heat. I have wanted this coat for years, and finally purchased it this past October and it has not disappointed! My plaid scarf is cashmere and it can be found at Monkees of Fredericksburg for all our local followers! Lastly, my cable knit sweater and chunky turtleneck are from Abercrombie and they too are 30% off right now and these sweaters are sure to keep you warm this winter! You can shop this look through the links provided below.

Quilted Coat- Barbour | Jane Strappy Suede Boots- Frye | Honey Skinny Jeans- Joes Jeans | Cable Knit Sweater- Abercrombie | Chunky Turtleneck Sweater- Abercrombie 


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