Hi Everyone! My name is Kate, I’m 5’7, and 26 years old. I’m an analyst, a wife, and cat & bulldog mom! I’m obsessed with new outfits, but also love reinventing old ones. My style transcends from feminine, boho inspired outfits on the weekends, to a simple but classic outfit during the week. My favorite stores are Nordstrom, Loft, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Free People, and Urban Outfitters.  I don’t feel that I fit any one particular style mold and that’s what I love most about fashion. You can be whatever you want and express yourself day to day in your look!



Hi! I’m Jacki, I just turned 34, and I am 5’9 with an athletic build. I love a great deal and I almost never buy clothes, shoes, or purses at full price. (If you see me with a Kate Spade bag you can thank my wonderful husband!)  TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and any department store’s clearance section are my favorite places to shop.  I am a wife of a Marine, mother to one son, stepmother to 3 more boys, and I am a tomboy at heart.  I love beautifully designed bags, and well made shoes and clothes, but I love deals more!  I live for clean lines and timeless style, bright lipsticks and classic jewelry, but every once in a while I like to mix it up.



Hi everyone! I’m Jane and I’m a petite, 5 foot, 40-year-old! I’m a full time analyst, wife, and mom to 2 amazing kids! My obsessions are purses, shoes, shoes, and shoes! I own over 130 pairs – all different styles and colors (but don’t tell my husband)! My fashion is more everyday classic with a bit of sass! I’m an avid online shopper and frequent Kohls, Macy’s and Amazon. I believe any outfit can come together with the right accessory pieces, and of course, a fabulous pair of shoes! Even though I love an awesome sale, I do like to treat myself every now and then!

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