Why Twenty Thirty Forty?

As the name implies, we span across three generations.  We are your average, everyday women who have come together to share in our love for fashion! We have diverse styles, tastes, and budgets; as well as different body types. We feel that this diversity is what makes TwentyThirtyForty different from all of the other blogs out there. Our goal is to connect with everyday women and inspire them to find and embrace their style.

One of the reasons why we wanted to start this blog is because it is so easy to fall into a rut with our work and leisure style. We all know that feeling of waking up in the morning, with little to no energy to do something with our hair, and the thought of having to put on heels… sorry, not happening! But we found that dressing up and putting forth a little extra effort in our appearance changed our attitudes and overall happiness. As the saying goes, “If you look good, then you feel good!” Style doesn’t have to be daunting! We can show you how to reinvent old outfits, find the best sales on new ones, and give you direction for those staple pieces you might be missing in your closet.

We hope to motivate every woman, no matter what stage of life they are in, to step outside of their comfort zone, find that out-of-the-box style, and embrace their fabulous selves, both at work and at home.

~ Kaitlan ~ Jacki ~ Jane ~


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